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 How to choose your Site Provider


A Web site is like a store ...

It has to look respectable, or respectable people will make a U-turn at your door.
Look at our sites, we can design the best!

You can have the best looking store in the world; if it is placed in the woods, however, you will feel like the Maytag repairman ...very lonely. You will get no traffic.
Location, location, location is our priority!

To get traffic into your "store", your site needs to be promoted and advertised to the hilt, to all Internet search engines, yellow pages, robots, and directories.
We do this for all our customers!

Getting traffic is good, but getting relevant traffic is even better, in fact the only way. You should not have to waste time on leads that go nowhere.

Your site promotion has to be targeted to your market segments, to your endusers and resellers who are searching the Net by keyword looking precisely for your kind of products.
This is where we can make you shine!

To continuously grow the relevant traffic to your site, you need more than a display of product, you need some clever attractions... you need a hook ...
We are experts at building customized attractions for your favorite kind of visitors!

After you worked so hard to attract all the right people, what if they cannot get in or the site is incredibly slow, because the provider you are using is swamped with kids playing games or adults chatting.
We do not cater to local Internet access that frequently clutters the sites of regular internet providers!

We only cater to businesses, business traffic and WEB SITES. So we are always available and quick as a wip.

We only cater to your needs and to making ConnectWorld the best and smartest place for your business.

Your Bottom Line & The Web

How to choose your Site Provider

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