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Closed Circuit TV / Video Surveillance Cable Assemblies

The Closed Circuit TV / Video Surveillance business is the fastest growing part of our portfolio of products. Through the convergence of Security and I.P., camera systems and card access are now under direction of the corporate IT Department.

There is a tremendous wave currently taking place in the video recording world. Digital Video Recording has taken place of old analog tape systems. End users now can designate space on their network and store footage digitally. This technology upgrade is comparable to how compact disks have led to the demise of cassette players. Remote access is now a standard offering, which requires the assignment of an IP address to your network.

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In short, Digital Video Recording:

     Eliminates the time and effort designated for changing tapes.
     Allows for quick playback with enhanced viewing clarity.
     Enables easy remote access from multiple designated PC 's.
     Offers simplified storage on your network.

There are many different camera options to consider based on cost, and functionality. Options include:

     Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras
     Domed Cameras
     Fixed Cameras
     Outdoor Cameras
     RG59 CCTV Video Surveillance Cable
     For the Best Quality CCTV Signal Transmission
     98% copper braid, 20-gauge copper core
     Ideal for video cameras
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