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Seismic Cabinets

19" NEBS Zone 4 Seismic Cabinets designed for a large number of Copper and Fiber Cables, Custom Seismic Cabinets

Our company offers seismic cabinets which are NEBS Zone 4 Tested in standard and custom configurations to meet your exact requirements. Some of our seismic cabinets can be bought online, however we can supply many other seismic cabinets from leading manufacturers or produced in our racks and cabinets manufacturing facility in Mount Laurel, New Jersey.

Our Seismic Cabinets are a perfect solution for rackmount servers including those from Hewlett Packard, Dell, IBM, Apple, Compaq, IBM & Sun. Please contact us today and let us know the size you want for your seismic cabinet and what options and accessories will configure your best seismic cabinet solution. We will build, paint, and configure your seismic cabinet to your exact specification and ship it directly to you.

RoHS Compliance

Any of our seismic cabinets can be made RoHS compliant upon request.

Call us with your questions and we'll help you decide which Zone 4 seismic cabinet suits your needs.

Seismic Cabinets - 19" Seismic Cabinets NEBS Zone 4 Tested
Features - Specifications - Accessories - Dimensions


Seismic Cabinet designed to protect and manage a large volume of data cables, Patch Cords, Fiber Cables etc., Preconfigured, Equipment Cabinet NEBS Zone 4 Tested


Seismic Cabinet with Cable Management. This Preconfigured NEBS Zone 4 Tested Equipment cabinet was designed to protect and manage a large volume of data cables, Patch Cords, Fiber Cables etc.


Seismic Zone 4 Cabinet, Seismic Zone 4 Enclosure, Preconfigured, Equipment Cabinet NEBS Zone 4 Tested Bellcore GR-63-CORE. Cabinet Consist Of: 19" rack Mount, Open Sided Frame, Top Panel with cut out for cable pass through, Base with cut out for cable pass through, 2 Pair Tapped 10-32 Vertical Mounting Rails

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Certifications: ISO 9001:2000 Certified, TL9000, WBENC, BBB

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