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Custom Cable Connection is a high quality cable manufacturer offering standard and custom cable assemblies, adapters and wiring harnesses for computer and communications equipment.

However our diversified production capabilities cover the entire range of computers and networking requirements:

     Category 5, 5e, 6 patch cords
     Gigabit Ethernet Cables
     Fiber Optic Cables
     Twinax, Coax Cables
     IBM Cabling Systems
     25-pair Telco Cables
     V.35 Interface Cables
     MII Transceiver Cables
     SCSI1, SCSI2 & SCSI3 Cables
     USB Cables
     IEEE-1394 Firewire Cables
     IEEE-1284 Bi-Directional Cables
     IEEE-488 Cables
     RS232, RS422 & RS449 Multi-Conductor
     LVD SCSI Cable Assemblies
     T1 / E1, T3 /E3Ccables
     AUI Transceiver Cables
     Specialty / Custom Cable Assemblies

Whether your application is simple or complex, standard or very custom, we have the technical expertise and the manufacturing capability to help. If you  are in the design stages of your cabling solution, we can provide engineering assistance and prototyping. If your requirements are already specified and ready for quote,  we are uniquely positioned to meet your deadlines as well as your price targets.

Thank you for considering Custom Cable Connection for your connectivity needs.We look forward to working with you!

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