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Custom Cables

Copper and Fiber Optic Cable Manufacturing

Our specialty is custom cable assemblies . From Fiber Channel, HDMI, DVI, V.35, RS449, RS530, X.21, T1, T3, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat7, and Token Ring, to the entire range of computer cables, adapters, and connectors, we pride our- selves in offering you the highest quality products at the most competitive prices .

We build cable assemblies to customer spec. We have the manufacturing capabilities and engineering expertise to provide you with effective solutions, no matter what your requirements are. From very complex cables to very simple, from design to prototyping and production, from high volume to very low volume, we are here to serve you. Our custom pin-out database contains millions of specific cable designs, ready to be utilized on your specific requirements.

A powerful blend of knowledge, experience, and service come together in a unique way to ensure your complete satisfaction. Our custom cable expertise spans all of the cable categories listed below. Please E-mail us your requirements using our quick Quote form or call our Toll Free number: 1-800-336-7333.

     Custom Cat6 Patch Cables and Cat7
     Cat5 Cable, Cat5e Cables and Patch Cords
     Cables for Routers and DSUs / OEM Equivalent: Cisco, Nortel, IBM...
     Fiber Optic Cables, Single mode, Multimode, Simplex and Duplex
     HDMI Cables & Adapters
     Video Adapters
     Video & Audio Cables / AV Custom Cables
     VGA and DVI to Component Video Converters
     SCSI 1, SCSI 2 and SCSI 3 Cables and SCSI Extensions
     SCSI Adapters, SCSI Internal Terminators
     Computer Power Cables,
     Audio, Voice, and Multimedia Cables
     AUI Cables
     Custom Cisco Cables
     Component Video Custom Cables
     Digital Audio Coax Cables
     Custom DVI cables - Digital Visual Interface
     DVI Splitter Cables
     DVI to VGA
     DVI Extension Cables
     DVI to Component RCA
     DVI to BNC
     DVI Adapters and Converters
     DVI Fiber Extenders
     North American Power Cables
     International Power Cables
     Fiber / Copper Converters
     Firewire Cables
     Firewire Extensions
     Custom HSSI Cables, straight and null modem
     IEEE 1284 Cables for Parallel Printers
     Custom Internal Power Cables
     Internal IDE and SCSI Cables
     Internal Ribbon Cables / Round Ribbon
     MIDI Cables
     Modular Adapters
     Monitor Cables
     Null Modem Adapters
     SCSI 1 to SCSI 2 SCSI 2 to SCSI 2 Apple Mac to SCSI 1
     IEEE 488 CABLES, Instrumentation / Custom HPIB
     Line Cords
     Stereo Cables
     Custom T1 Cables and T3 / DS3 Cables
     Token Ring Cables and Baluns
     10Base 2 Patch Cables, 10 Base 2 - RG58
     Toslink Cables
     Tranceiver Cables
     Ultra DMA USB Cables
     Custom USB cables V.35 Cables

Experience Custom Cable Manufacturing at its Best !
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