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HDMI Extender - up to 300m
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USB Gadgets / Corporate Gifts

Computer Cable Assemblies

Our computer cable assemblies and adapters are manufactured to very high quality standards; there have been no compromises in their design and construction. To support this, all our cables and adapters (which do not contain electronic components) come with a 10 year warranty as standard. Our Premium Gold Monitor Cables come with an extended 25 year warranty.

Internal Computer Cables
IDE / ATA Cables
Keyboard / Mouse Cables
PC Keyboard / Mouse Cables, Mac Keyboard / Mouse Cables, 
Video / Monitor Cables
VGA Monitor Cables, S-VGA Premium Monitor Cables, S-VGA Premium Gold Monitor Cables, S-VGA BNC Monitor Cables, DVI Monitor Cables, 
Keyboard / Video / Mouse Cables
KVM Extension Cables, KVM Cables, KVM Cables for CPU Switch Lite OSD 8 (and old desktop models 32822 &32823), KVM Cables for USB & VGA, KVM + Audio Combo Cables, 
Multimedia Cables
Audio Cables, Optical Audio Cables, Audio / Video Cables, S-Video Cables, Composite Video Cables, SCART Cables, Other Multimedia Cables, 
Mobile Phone & PDA Cables
Data Transfer Cables, USB Charger Cables, 
Network Patch Cables
UTP Category 5e Cables, UTP Category 5, UTP Category 6 Cables, FTP Category 5e Cables, FTP Halogen Free Cables, 
Parallel Cables
Standard Parallel Cables, Premium Parallel Cables, IEEE-1284 Parallel Cables
Serial Cables
RS-232 Cables, RS-422/485 Cables, 
USB Cables
Type A to Type B USB Cables, Type A to Mini B USB Cables, Type A USB Extension Cables, 
FireWire Cables
4 Pin to 6 Pin FireWire Cables, 6 Pin to 6 Pin FireWire Cables, 4 Pin to 4 Pin FireWire Cables, FireWire 800 Cables 9 Pin Beta Male to 9 Pin Beta Male, FireWire 800 Cables 6 Pin Male to 9 Pin Bilingual Male, FireWire 800 Cables 4 Pin Male to 9 Pin Bilingual Male, 
SCSI Cables
Internal SCSI Cables, External SCSI Cables, 
IDC Connectors, Mini DIN, Network Connectors

Please browse our products to buy online networking and computer parts and accessories, or contact us for your free catalog or a quote.



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