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Product Specification
Part Number: ADP5210B

Category: Video Extenders Boosters & Splitters Extenders

Description: VGA Extender using Cat 5 Cable up to 430 feet

The ADP5210B Video Extender System allows you to extend the distance between the computer system unit and the display monitor by up to 430 feet. It accomplishes this by means of a local transmitting unit, and remote receiving unit, connected by standard Category 5 twisted pair Ethernet cable. The ADP5210B Video Extender System is ideal for factory and construction sites, or any installation where the display needs to reside in a harsh setting, but you want the system equipment kept in an environmentally friendly location. The Extender System is also useful for control and security purposes, where you can have the system unit in a secure area at the same time that you put the display in an area that is convenient for viewing.

  • Uses Cat 5 Cable, easy to install.
  • High Resolution: 1024 x 768 @ 60 Hz goes up to 320 feet distance.
  • Lower resolutions can go up to 430 feet.
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Price: $164.70

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