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AC Power Cables

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LM1301Power Extension CordClick Here to see all lengths available
LM1302PC Monitor Power Extension CordClick Here to see all lengths available
LM1303PC Power CableClick Here to see all lengths available
M1300-08PC Power Cable with flat 90 degree exit wall plug 8 feetMore Info
M1303-WH-12PC Power Cable 12' WhiteMore Info
M13031-10PC Power Cable Hospital Grade Black 10 feetMore Info
M1304PC Monitor Power Adapter 12inMore Info
M1304-06PC Monitor Power Adapter 6'More Info
M1305PC Power Cord with Right Angle PC Connector 6'More Info
M1306PC to AC Socket Power 'Y' AdapterMore Info
M1307PC Power Cable with Australia Power PlugMore Info
M1308PC European Power Cord 6'More Info
M1309PC United Kingdom Power Cord 6'More Info
M1311PC Laptop Power Cord with Figure-8 Connector 6'More Info
M1313PC Laptop Power Cord with 3 Prong 'Mickey Mouse' Connector 6'More Info
M13191PC Power 'Y' Cord 6 feetMore Info
M13192-01AC Power Cord Y Cable 1'More Info
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