Description: Computer requirements
Printer requirements
Switched from an Apple™ computer to a PC?? You may still be able to use your Apple™ printer with the PC!

Please Note:The Imagewriter II is the only printer with the little round 8 pin connector that we have been able to get to work to a PC. We haven't been able to get other printers with the 8 pin connector to work.

This kit contains the cables and instructions to connect an Apple™ Imagewriter II to a PC type computer. Before purchasing this kit, be sure that the PC and Printer qualify by checking the following;

PC requirementsPrinter requirements
The PC needs to be a 286 or greater processor, and needs to have a spare serial (COM) port, this won't work on the Parallel port.
DB09M serial port
DB25M serial port
db25f with red x
DB25F parallel port WILL NOT WORK
Printer requirementsComputer requirements
This cable works only on the Apple™ Imagewriter II;
Other Apple™ printers with the 8 pin din only work with Apple™ computers or to a RS422 interface.
md08f with red x
MD08F, Imagewriter II only
DB25F see K1000
db09f with red x
DB09F see K1010
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