Description: The EXC8033 has been designed for installers! Allows easy "pre-testing" of HDMI cables at the "rough wire" stage of installing, and again after the HDMI cable is installed. Know that your HDMI cable installation is working before the walls are "closed" and before there is power or equipment at the Job Site.

The EXC8033 is designed to quickly test and troubleshoot any standard HDMI 1.2v or 1.3v cable. Inside the HDMI Interface cable there are 9 complete circuits and the HDMI tester selectively measures each sub circuit within the tester and displays a pass/fail by way of LED's on the top of the receiver. The tester may also be used to test DVI-D (single link) cable assemblies; simply use a DVI to HDMI adapter (not included, see M5142). Main unit requires two AA batteries (not included).

Unit can not test cables that have a built in repeater.
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Category: Tools Computer Video Interface Testers

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Price: $85.50


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