Description: We have the ability to find just about any connector and to build any custom cable that you would need.

Our shop is able to handle small quantities as well as large quantities, so if you only need one or two cables built, that would be no problem for us.

You can send us your own design by printing our Custom Cable Worksheet PDF, filling it out and faxing it back to us (The custom worksheet is also available in .doc format, Click Here for the .doc version).

We also have information on thousands of equipment (computers, peripherals, etc.) and if you can give us the make and model number of the equipment your trying to connect, we can design a cable from that information.

The price of any custom cable is based on the parts and labor involved and can vary quite a bit. Please call us for a quote, or if you faxed the Custom Cable Worksheet, we will automatically treat it as a request for a quote and call you back.
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Price: $90.00


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