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Our distribution amps come in a durable metal case that can be mounted to a wall. The M5271 can be used to connect from this amp to TVs or VCRs. The length between this unit and TVs can be up to 150 feet (we stock cables with lengths of up to 25 feet, and can build cables longer than 25 feet).
Please Note: this splitter works with SVHS -or- Composite but doesn't convert or bridge between the two. If the source is Composite, the receivers need to also be composite. However, if the source is SVHS, composite receivers could still be used provided a M5661 SVHS to composite converter is connected to each composite receiver.
We also carry distribution amps for Composite Video only ADP5144, and for Component ADP5144C.
Audio Video Distribution Amplifier
Accepts a composite audio/video signal via RCA type cables from any source and distributes it without any loss to 4 monitors/TV's.

Key Features
  • No Signal Loss
  • True One To One Ratio
  • Low Noise
  • Low Distortion
  • Unity Gain (true One to One ratio)
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