Introducing the Projector Connector

The Point-To-Point Projector Connector allows you to simultaneously send a VGA Signal (up to 1280x1024) and a Composite Video Signal (NTSC) to a video projector over STP (Shielded Twisted Pair) CAT5e or CAT6e cable. The system is precisely tuned to send a picture perfect image to the projector. When 2 computers are connected to the Transmitter you are able to instantly switch which computer video will be displayed on the projector with the push of a button. For example, a desktop computer in the classroom could be connected to 1 VGA port and a guest could easily plug their laptop into the other VGA port.

Transmitter Specifications:
  • Inputs - VGA x 2 (PC and Laptop), Composite Video x 1 (DVD/VHS or other NTSC Source)
  • Outputs - VGA x 1 (Local Computer Monitor), Composite Video x 1 (Local TV Monitor)
  • Control - Push Button controller with extension cord used to switch between 2 VGA Sources
  • Power - 12V DC Adapter is included with Transmitter
  • Connectivity - 1 Shielded RJ45 port (Shielded Twisted Pair cable required)
Receiver Specifications:
  • Outputs - VGA x 1, Composite Video x 1 (both outputs are "live" simultaneously)
  • Power - 12V DC Adapter is included with Receiver
  • Connectivity - 1 Shielded RJ45 port (Shielded Twisted Pair cable required)
  • Models - 3 different models made to work with the following cable lengths:
    • ADP4110-20 kit with receiver made for 20 Meters
    • ADP4110-30 kit with receiver made for 30 Meters
    • ADP4110-40 kit with receiver made for 40 Meters
With the PTP Projector Connector you are getting 5 essential components in a small form factor that is easy to install and simple to use (a VGA A/B Switcher, a VGA Splitter, a Composite Video Splitter, a VGA Distribution Amplifier, and a Composite Video Distribution Amplifier).

Please Note:These receiver units have been tuned to specific lengths. This one is set to 30 meters (98.4 feet), which means that the sum of the lengths of cables going from transmitter to receiver needs to be 30 meters or within one meter of 30 meters. Cables are sold separately, see below for cabling selections:
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