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The ADP0200 is a remote control device that enables you to power a PC on and off by means of a modem. Prior to this development, the only solution for accessing a computer remotely would be to leave the system on. With an ADP0200 installed you can leave the computer off and the ADP0200 will let you power it on (and turn it off again) when you dial in with your modem. Provides a 10 digit password for additional security.

The ADP0200 consists of two modules: a control module that installs between your modem and your computer, and a power module that installs between an AC source and your computer. When a properly authorized request to turn on the computer is received by the control module (via the modem), it instructs the power module to turn the computer on. Once the computer is on, you can remotely access it as you normally would.

This only works with an external modem.

  • Turn the Computer On and Off remotely
  • 10 digit ID code prevents unauthorized access
  • Extends computer life
  • Saves on energy bills


FunctionADP0200 InterfaceADP0200 Power Module
ConnectorsIn RJ-11 Socket AC In Socket
Out DB-25 Female / Male AC Out Socket
Power Cable
RJ-11 Socket
AC Electric Rating 110V X In/Out 110V/6A 50 ~ 60 Hz
220V In/Out 220V/3A 50 ~ 60 Hz
Time-out 30 sec - 128 min X
Baud Rate 115200 bps X
Cable Distance Up to 15m (50') X
Function Switch ManualOn/Off Push Button Switch
Power Consumption 0.5W (Max) 1.0W (Max)
Housing Plastic
Weight 150g 250g/330g
Dimensions (L x W x H) 80x 100 x 35 mm 100 x 70 x 47 mm
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