Description: Trident 3D Image 975
True arcade 3D graphic display that is out of this world. Awesome 3D rendering engine generates eye-popping graphics. The 3D Image 975 delivers mind-blasting excitement on accelerated 3D games in real-time action.
Offloads CPU on Major 3D Task
Balance 3D Pipe
Reduce Parameter Passing
XYZ Coordinates, UV, W, Color & Alpha (5 DWARDs / Vertices)

Flexible Logic Design
Slope Calculation
Z, UV, Color, Alpha
Sub-Pixel Positioning
Eliminates texture crawl
moves vertices to center of nearest texel Tri=Strip
Reduces PCI traffic (vertices) passing by 2/3' Back
Face Culling
Trivially rejects back faced triangles
High Performance Setup Engine
1.6 Million Triangles/Second

rCADE3D-Advanced HW 3D
First Complete 3D Solution with Setup Engine On-Chip which reduces CPU load by 50% Allowing CPU to truly accelerate Direct 3D

Windows™ Accelerator
Incredible 2D acceleration engine increases the performance of Windows™ 95, Windows™ NT, Windows™ 3.1x, DOS based games and many multimedia applications.

True Video Scaling of Motion Video
True Video Image Display Quality
Horizontal/ Vertical/ Diagonal Interpolation
Edge Smoothing
Eliminates jagged edges in video applications

Clear TV On-Chip TV Display
3-Line Flicker Filter
Removes flicker caused by scaling
On-Chip Brightness, Gamma Control
Automatic Aspect Ratio Adjustment
640 x 480 / 800 x 600 scale to NTSC/PAL
16:9 Aspect Ratio Support
Compatible with off-the-shelf NTSC/Pal encoders
Overscan / Underscan Support
User Friendly TV Control Panel;

Dual HW Video Windows™- Video Conferencing
Dual Video Windows™
Dual Color Space Converters & Dual Linear Scalars
On-Chip Hue, Saturation, Brightness Control added for Video Live Video Capture (VMI)
Local video data supplied by camera enters through capture port PCI Bus Mastering
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