Other Special Wire

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CAB-IBM1IBM™ Type 1 CableMore Info
CAB-IBM1-PLIBM™ Type 1 Plenum CableMore Info
CAB-IBM6IBM™ Type 6 CableMore Info
CAB-TWINAXIBM™ Type 100 Ohm Twinax™ CableMore Info
CAB-TWINAX-PLIBM™ Type 100 Ohm Twinax™ Plenum CableMore Info
CAB002-APPLE2 Conductor AppleTalk CableMore Info
CAB002-APPLE-PL2 Conductor AppleTalk Plenum CableMore Info
CAB002-FMFiber Optic wire 62.5/125 ÁM Riser MultimodeMore Info
CAB002-FSFiber Optic wire 8.3/125 ÁM Riser SinglemodeMore Info
CAB008-DROPEthernet™ Transceiver Drop CableMore Info
CAB008-DROP-OFFEthernet™ Office Transceiver CableMore Info
CAB008-DROP-PLEthernet™ Plenum Drop CableMore Info
DB09M-IBM6-08DB09 Male Connector on 8 Feet of IBM™ TYPE 6 CableMore Info
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