USB Extenders & Automatic Switches

ADD To CARTMore Info
ADP3157USB to IRDA AdapterMore Info
ADP3158USB Class II Bluetooth DongleMore Info
ADP31802-16Active 16 foot USB 2.0 ExtenderMore Info
ADP31802-40Active 40 foot USB 2.0 ExtenderMore Info
ADP31830USB Extension Stand Black 5 feetMore Info
ADP31830-2USB Extension Stand with 2 Ports (one for power one for data)More Info
ADP31836USB Extension Stand Blue 5 feetMore Info
ADP31839USB Extension Stand White 5 feetMore Info
ADP3184USB 1.1 Extender Extends the USB signal up to 140 feet using a Cat 5 CableMore Info
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