IEEE-488 or HPIB Cable

L3200 / M3200

Available in the lengths listed below..
ADD To CARTMore Info
L3200IEEE-488 or HPIB - GPIB Cable 2 meterMore Info
L3200-25IEEE-488 or HPIB - GPIB Cable 25 feet (8 meter)More Info
L3200-4MIEEE-488 or HPIB - GPIB Cable 4 meterMore Info
L3200-8MIEEE-488 or HPIB - GPIB Cable 8 meterMore Info
M3200-03IEEE-488 or HPIB Cable 1 meterMore Info
M3200-12IEEE-488 or HPIB Cable 4 meterMore Info
M3200-25IEEE-488 or HPIB Cable 8 meterMore Info
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