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High Quality Network Products

We are a diversified distributor of Wire & Cable, copper, fiber optics, cable management products, cable assemblies, as well as cabling tools and testers

We are known in the industry for  providing consistently high quality products and excellent service with the shortest lead times. We are a customer driven company, we react quickly to the changing needs of the market and our customers. Here is a quick summary of the product lines we are offering:

Your One Stop Source
We provide the widest variety of products and accessories to help you build and maintain your network. We really want to become your ONE STOP SOURCE for all your Data and Voice requirements. Just let us know how we can be of service.

Exceptional Service
We provide much more than high quality product...   We also provide  exceptional service! We believe that this is a business where service makes all the difference. This belief is realized in the extraordinary efforts our people make to meet our customers’ needs. Whether it is delivering material to a remote location, delivering it on time, finding that unusual item wherever it may be, or passing on our knowledge and experience to help our customers, we always come thru for you.

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Major Product Categories

| Copper Wire & Cable | Fiber Optic Cable | Patch Panels | Wall Outlets | Racks & Wire Managers |
 | Cabinets | Cable Surface Raceway | Cable Ties | Cable Labeling | Power Protection | Tools & Accessories |
 | Test Equipments | Cable Assemblies | Connectors | Quote Requests | Contact Us | Home |

Products at a Glance

Wire and Cable

 Network  Coax Products - Broadband Video
 Telecom/Central  Office Products - DS 3/4
 Local  Area Network Products - Category 5e Plus
 Local  Area Network Products - Category 5e

Fiber Optic Cable

 Tight Buffer and Plenum
 Premises Distributions Riser and Plenum
 Heavy Duty Riser and Plenum

Cable Assemblies

 Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies
 CISCO Cable Assemblies
 Fiber Optic Specials
 Modular Telco Assemblies


 TelCom Modular Plugs
 F-Series Coaxial Connectors
 N-Series Coaxial Connectors
BNC Coaxial Connectors

Racks and Wire Managers

Tyton Products
  Wall Mount Patch Panel Bracket
  Wire Management Brackets
  Cable Management Panels

Cabinets / Shelves

Patch Panels

 Gigaband CAT6 Patch Panels
 Megaband  CAT5e Patch Panels
 100 Base-T Patch Panels, CAT3, Modular
 Cat5e Rated 110 Wiring Blocks
 110 Wiring Blocks & Accessories
 Cat5 Rated 66 Blocks & Accessories
 Cat6, Cat5e Patch Cords
 110 Cat5 Patch Cord
Telco / Hydra Cable Assemblies

Fiber Optic Connectivity

  Wall  Mount Fiber Enclosures
  Rack Mount Fiber Enclosures
  Adapter Panels
  Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies
  Fiber Optic Splice Closures
  Fiber Optic Splice Tray (FST)
  Cable Sealing
  Fiber Splice Protectors
  Mounting Brackets
  Shield Bonding Products

Network Raceways

 Surface Raceway TSR
 600V Surface Raceway TSRP
 Lightguide Fiber Optic Protection System
 Infostream, Multi-Channel Raceway

Power Protection / UPS Systems


Wall Outlets

  Cat 5e, Cat 3, Jacks
  Cat 6 Gigaband Jacks
  Angled Jacks
  Shuttered Jacks
  Category 5e Inter-Lock Outlets
  Multimedia Outlets
  Surface Mount Boxes

Cabling Tools
 Punch Down Tools


Test Equipment

 Cable Certifiers
 Test Kits

Cable Labeling / Identification

  Cable ID Labels
  Labeling Software
  Patch Panel, Face Plate Labels
  Telecom Room Labeling
  Handi Cards
  Rite-On Markers
  Heat Shrink Labels
  Handheld Label Printers
  Desktop Label Printers
  “CAUTION” Tags
  Fiber Optic Cable Markers


Fish Tapes

 Tuff Grip
 Tape-Pak® XL-15
 Thumb Winder
 Gold Fish®

Wire Pulling Lubricant

 Yellow 77®
 Yellow 77® Plus
 Aqua-Gel® II
 Aqua-Gel® IIP
Aqua-Gel® CW

Cable Ties

  Grip Tie Straps
  Low Profile Grip Ties, Mounts
  Grip Tie Rolls
  Standard Cable Ties
  Heavy Duty Lashing Cable Ties
  Mounting Cable Ties
  Releaseable Cable Ties
  Identification Cable Ties
  Cables Ties for Plenum Applications
  Cable Tensioning Tools
  Cable Tie Mounting Bases
  Masonry Mounting Base (MMB)
  Cable Tie Anchor Plate (CTAP)
  TSR Clips
  Nail Clips
  Siding Clips
Cable Clamps

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