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USB Port Blocker, Blocking USB Ports - USB Security


Make your computer USB secure with this powerful USB port blocker. With this port block, system administrators can physically prevent any outsider from connecting Pen Drives, and other Mass Storage Devices to their computers to copy / steal data.

The USB port blocker is made up of a combined USB key and USB lock assembly which plugs into the port to achieve complete USB port blocking. To use, simply plug the USB port blocker into the port and release the latch Plug the key back into the lock to remove.

  • The USB port blocker physically blocks access to a USB port
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Consists of 4 locks and 1 key
  • 5 different color code versions available: Pink, Green, Blue, Orange, White

Best USB protection on the market:

The simple and effective USB lock for
 blocking access to a computer's USB port!

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USB Port Blocker - Pack of 4

USB Port Blocking (without key) - Pack of 10


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