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Wire Harness Manufacturer
Custom Wire Harness Assembly Products

We manufacture low, medium and high volume runs of a diverse range of standard and custom wire harness products including:

     Electrical cable & wire harnesses.
     Electro-mechanical wire harnesses
     Battery and power supply wire harness assemblies.
     Multi-conductor cable harnesses
     Industrial Wiring Harnesses
     Medical Equipment Cables & Harnesses
     Custom Video Cables and Harnesses
     Passive component-to-wire applications.
     Switch-to-wire applications.
     Board Assemblies.
     Alarm / Surveillance and Security Wire Harnesses
     Control and panel wiring assemblies
     Custom Spec Cables & Harnesses
     Internal and External Harnesses

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     Product Customization and Custom Manufacturing
     High Quality Products on a Consistent Basis
     In-house Design and Prototyping
     Fast Turn-Around
     Semi-automated cut and strip
     Wire & Cable Marking
     Semi-Automated Strip & Crimp
     Semi-Automated Splicing
     Window Splicing
     Ultrasonic Welding
     Cable Braiding
     Products Exceed Standard Specifications
     100% Quality Guarantee , 100% Final Test

Industries served include industrial equipment, computer, switch control, vending, HVAC, robotics, medical, telecommunications, automotive, power supply, and many more

With us, quality begins with the highest quality material and components, and best workmanship, from a highly skilled and continuously trained technical staff. We provide additional quality and reliability in our standard and custom wire harness assembly products with in-process inspections, and 100% mechanical and electrical quality testing of each and every item. We also offer customized labeling and individual packaging to suit each customer's requirements.

So whether you are early or late in your cable / harness specification process, our engineers are ready to work with you to turnaround your prototype or design concepts in a timely manner. If your requirements are already specified and ready for quote, we are uniquely positioned to meet your deadlines as well as your price targets.

Cable and wire harness assembly manufacturing and distribution at its best
The most competitive prices in the industry

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