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Multipole connectors, DeviceNet, valve connectors, panel interface connectors, DIN 43652, DIN VDE 0627, IEC 61984, EN 175301-801, cable glands, screw connection, junction blocks.

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Electrical Connectors - One of the Biggest Inventories in the World

Amphenol Connectors, Bendix Connectors, Deutsch Connectors, ITT Cannon connectors, FCI Connectors, King Connectors, Packard Connectors, Phoenix Connectors and Accessories

We manufacture and distribute a very large diversity of electrical connectors, such as rectangular and circular electrical connectors and interconnect systems for industrial, commercial, military, and aerospace applications. We carry the major brands, such as AMP, Amphenol, Bendix, Deutsch, Cannon and Veam and we maintain one of the largest inventories of electrical connectors and connector accessories in the world.
We offer plugs and receptacles of all types including coaxial, hermetic, firewall, environmental and non-environmental in both solder and crimp contact configurations. We also carry a complete line of connector accessories such as straight, 45 degree or 90 degree backshells, dust caps, cable clamps and strain reliefs.

Amp connector * Amphenol Aerospace connector * Matrix/Bendix connector
Pyle National connector * Deutsch connector * Cannon connector * FCI connector
King connector * Packard connector * Litton Veam connector
List of connector manufacturers

Military Industrial Cylindrical Connectors
High performance environmental connectors for military, aerospace and sophisticated industrial applications, manufactured in accordance with all major national international and industry specifications
Industrial Power Connectors
Circular and rectangular connectors used in industrial environments, such as robotics, metal and woodworking machinery, rail, road and marine transportation, refrigeration, industrial controls and power generation.
Entertainment Audio/Video, Studio Lighting
Connector products for the professional audio/video, broadcasting and lighting markets.
RF coaxial connectors
Coaxial interconnects, including all major product series. Types available are standard, miniature, subminiature and micro-miniature, between series adapters, precision APC connectors and special purpose connectors.
PCB - Printed Circuit Board Connectors

Please search our site or give us a call. Chances are we either have your part in stock or can custom-assemble it to your specifications. By the way, try our Connector Consultation Service. It's free. Let our experts find the right connector for you.

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