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Part Number: 32440

Category: Sharing, Converting, Extending, Video Server TCP/IP - Networking, IP Surveillance / Remote Power Switch


The LINDY Internet Video Server is an embedded system with a self-hosted website. It converts the pictures from up to 4 attached video cameras into TCP/IP signals, allowing you to view them remotely over a LAN or via the internet. Any video camera with common Composite Video output can be attached. Upon use of so called PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras, the LINDY Video Server supports remote control of the camera via an integrated control port.
To access the website, any user knowing the appropriate IP address and password can access the camera images via their web browser. The Video Server supports Access Management Control, allowing you to individually control each users access rights. A DEMO user can be installed allowing unrestricted access to the camera pictures (for instance to the public).
The LINDY Video Server includes two RS-232/485 remote control ports to operate PTZ cameras. Such cameras can be operated remotely with regard to zooming, turning etc... of the cameras. The Video Server also includes video analyzing software. If selected parts of the video picture change, the Video Server can be set to respond to this change and perform certain actions:
Snapshots of the event (or a series of snapshots) can be defined and sent via Email or FTP.
The Video Server can trigger an alarm (i.e. an acoustic and visual alarm)
It can also establish a dial up connection (via an external modem) to a security device or to email event snapshots.

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