Rack Monitoring System

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Part Number: 32417

Category: Networking, IP Surveillance / Remote Power Switch


The LINDY Rack Monitoring System (RMS) monitors all relevant environmental data and can automatically respond when certain conditions move out of a preset range. In addition, the RMS can set an alarm to alert the user of any changes. Some users prefer to receive this warning in the form of an audible alarm, or send error messages (alarm TRAP's) via a network connection. The RMS can be programmed using the front panel push buttons, a Telnet/VT100/RS-232 console or a Management Console via a network connection (SNMP, browser). The RMS can work as an SNMP agent that can relay all relevant monitored data and alarm traps to an SNMP Management Station. The SNMP Management Program is not included with the RMS.

Sensors are available for:

Permanent automatic steering for:

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