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Custom aluminum fabrication is our  specialty. We serve our customers with Aluminum Part and Assembly Design, Rapid Prototypes, Short Run Aluminum Stampings, Volume Production, etc.

Various aluminum finishing options, including Powder Coating, Anodizing, Organic Coatings, etc.

Products in Compliance with:
ISO 9002
RoHS, etc.

Serving continental United States, with rapid prototyping and fastest delivery to North East United States, / Eastern US, Mid-Atlantic US, Philadelphia Tri-State Area, Maryland MD, Delaware, DE, Washington, DC, Virginia - VA, West Virginia, WV, North Carolina NC, New York Metropolitan, New York Tri-State Area, New Jersey, NJ area, New York state, NY area, Pennsylvania, PA area, Ohio OH, Connecticut, CT area, Rhode Island RI, Massachusetts MA, etc.

Custom Aluminum Fabrication - Sheet Metal Fabrication, Aluminum Frames, Aluminum Enclosures, Aluminum Brackets, Aluminum Covers, Chassis, etc.


Custom Aluminum Bracket


Custom Aluminum Chassis


Custom Aluminum Hog-Out


Custom Aluminum Cover

Our company offers custom aluminum fabrication services to many industries. As a well established New Jersey sheet metal fabrication company, we serve OEM and ODM customers, with aluminum design, rapid prototypes, engineering, tooling, and manufacturing.

We are specialists in aluminum forming, aluminum brazing, aluminum welding, etc. and we employ the  newest technologies to create parts and assemblies, which are both functional and aestethically pleasing. Please see below some of our aluminum parts and assemblies:

Aluminum Enclosures, Aluminum Electronic Enclosures, NEMA Enclosures
Aluminum Housings
Aluminum Card Cages
Aluminum Frames, Custom Structural Framing
Aluminum Hog-Outs
Aluminum Frames and Frame Systems
Aluminum Chassis
Aluminum Brackets
Aluminum Covers
Aluminum Boxes
Aluminum Pans
Aluminum Bezels
Aluminum Cover Plates
Custom Aluminum Parts

Please see below some of our services
Precision Stamping & Forming
Aluminum Dip Brazing
Aluminum Welding Services
Aluminum Tig Welding
Aluminium Mig Welding

Contact us Today for Custom Aluminum Stamping, Rapid Aluminum Prototypes, Short Runs, Volume Production, etc.!

Custom Aluminum Sheet Metal Fabrication at its Best!

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 Our company is a Custom Aluminum Fabricator located in NJ. We offer Full Manufacturing Services to Industrial, Consumer Goods, Telecom, Medical, Aerospace, and Military Markets in the US and worldwide. We meet or exceed all standards for  performance, reliability and quality in all contracts, drawings and specifications.
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