10/100Base-TX Print Server (1 Parallel)

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Part Number: 32376

Category: Networking, Print Servers


Connect your parallel printer to a Fast Ethernet network!
Allows users to network printers quickly and easily and resulting in great benefits for you...
Save money by eliminating the need for a dedicated PC to serve as a print server. Built-in flash memory ensures the print server will not become obsolete in the future to protect your current investments.
Save time by adding a printer to a network in minutes. This "Plug & Play" print server is easy to install and the network does not have to be taken down during installation.
Enhance network performance by reducing the processor burden from the file server. Has its own built-in CPU which means the file server is not tied up with printing tasks.
More convenience as the LINDY Print Server may be attached anywhere on a network. There is no need for you to be confined to placing the printer next to the file server.

Please Note!
If your printers parrallel port is recessed, then an adaptor cable (Part No. 30164) may be required to attach the print server. For example, Epson C80 printers will require this cable to attach the print server.

Allows users to network a USB printer quickly and easily and resulting in great benefits for you...

Price Info & Shopping for #32376: 10/100Base-TX Print Server (1 Parallel)



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