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How to Generate a Public Key for Viewing Credit Card Data in  Microsoft OUTLOOK

REQUIRES OUTLOOK 2002 w/ (Windows Service Pack 2, SP2) or Higher

[1] Download the following file gpg4win-1.1.3

[2] Make sure you have your Outlook closed when you install this program

[3] After installation of the program, open Outlook

[4] You will now see a new icon that looks like a key, click on  the key


[5] Now you should see the Key Manager, click on the key on the leftside toolbar to generat a new key pair


[6] This will start a simple step by step wizard which will instruct you how to create your key



You may see the following message, Just press YES to continue



At this point it will start generating your key


Your key has now been successfully created, it will now ask you to backup your key.




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