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Products from Hellerman Tyton, Optical Cable Corp, Tripplite, Paladin Tools, Fluke Networks, OnQ Legrand, Coleman, Bogen, Lutron, AFL Telecommunications, Winston and more

Cables Distribution, Wholesale Supplier
Commercial, Industrial, Military, Residential, Audio Video, Data and Networking Products

We offer thousands of products for wiring,

Distributor and Wholesaler
Low Prices Every Day

We serve:

  • Data Centers
  • IT Departments
  • Large Corporations
  • Medium and Small Businesses
  • The US Government and Military
  • Green Energy Providers, Solar Cabling, Wind Power Cabling
  • Cabling Installers
  • Network Installers
  • Professional AV Installers
  • Residential and Home Wiring
  • Builders and Contractors
  • Stores, Dealers, Resellers
cabling and installations and we deliver them on time every time!

Our company is a world class cables distributor and wholesale supplier offering audio video, network and computer cabling and installation products, such as copper and fiber bulk cable, cable labeling, bundling and securing products, data cabinets, patch panels, cable assemblies, as well as cabling tools and testers.

We serve many markets, including commercial, industrial, military, residential, medical, professional audio video, data and networking. Located in Raleigh North Carolina, we distribute high quality Audio Video, Computer, and Networking Products & Cabling Installation Tools and Testers in the USA and abroad. We also custom manufacture cable assemblies and other interconnects for both copper and fiber applications.

Cables Distributor - Bulk Wire, Bulk Cable, Copper and Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies, Installation Products, Cabling Tools, Cabling Testers and Accessories

Leading manufacturing brands, low prices, extensive knowledge and experience, on time deliveries and excellent customer service establish us in an unique position as your Cables Distributor and a One Stop Source for all your cabling and wiring needs; in the connectivity market we are one of the finest interconnect and cables distributors as well as cables wholesalers in the United States.

For decades our company has been at the forefront of copper and fiber optic cabling technologies and we helped companies from Fortune 500 to small business builders, contractors and installers find the right products within their budgets. Our specialists are ready to help you decide which brands are the most suitable for your application, wheater is one of the leading brands or a smaller or new one.

Please contact us for more info and a quick quote. If you already know what brands you would like to buy, please tell us what you need and we will provide our prices and delivery terms. If you still compare and you did not decide yet what to buy, please contact us for a Free Consultation, and we will help you choose the best products for your installation.

Cables Wholesale - Computer Cables Wholesale, Network Cables Wholesale, Audio Video Cables Wholesale, Military Cables Wholesale, Medical Cables Wholesale, Solar Cables Wholesale, Wind Power Cables Wholesale

If you are looking to buy in quantity copper and fiber optic cables, please contact us. Chances are we have the right cabling and wiring products for your application. We supply a very large diversity of bulk wire and cable as well as thousands of standard assemblies, such as computer cables, network cables, audio video cables, military cables, medical cables, solar cables, and wind power cables, to name a few. As one of the most reliable cables wholesaler in the United States we can help you with Computer Cables Wholesale, Network Cables Wholesale, Audio Video Cables Wholesale, Military Cables Wholesale, Medical Cables Wholesale, Solar Cables Wholesale, and Wind Power Cables Wholesale transactions at very competitive prices.

Custom Cable Assemblies - Cable Assembly Design, Engineering, Manufacturing and Molding

Nu-Tek Assemblies can be your custom cable assembly supplier for all your built to specs and standard cables, such as Mil-Spec Assemblies, Medical Cable Assemblies, Wire and Cable Harnesses and more.

Throughout our history we have been providing high quality connectivity solutions to OEM and reseller customers in the computer, communications, industrial, and medical equipment industries.We have developed a tradition of high-tech engineering, quality manufacturing, and very competitive pricing.

As an OEM cable manufacturer, Nu-Tek Assemblies features quick design services and prototyping that are critical in supporting an engineering effort during new product development. Our facility features state-of-the-art equipment to design and fabricate custom cables and wire harnesses of all types and standards. We are fast and dependable!

We also provide standard cabling products, such as molded PC cables and assembled network cables, to cost conscious resellers throughout North America. We are proud of our MADE IN THE USA quality cables at off-shore comparable prices.

We invite you to browse our site and learn for yourself why Nu-Tek Assemblies should be your choice for interconnect products and solutions.

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