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Click Here to Download "Mail Bomber"

Mass Email Program - Mail Bomber

Step 1. Obtain a list of email addresses you want to send your message to, and save it as a text file.

Step 2. Start the mail bomber program. After it opens, go to File and then to Import as shown below:


Step 3. As shown below, Click option E-Mail addresses only form any text files and then click Next


Step 4. On the screen below you are going to tell the program where on your computer you placed the text file that contains the email addresses you want to mail to. You can have many files and use them one at a time according to need. The easiest place to put these files would probably your computer's desktop. After you have located and selected your file just hit Next and then Finish.



Step 5. Click on SMTP Servers and then on Ins Add; You will be greeted with the screen below:

Step 6. Complete the fields below:

Host: Fill in you internet provider's email server name. You can find it on your computer, in your email set-up. Alternatively, you can call your local ISP and they will provide the email server name for you.

UserID: Your email account name / user name

Password: Your email account's password

From Name: What you want people to see who the email if from when they get your email

From Address: Your email address you want to send out the emails with

Reply to Address: can be the same email as the From Address, unless you want to send the reply emails to someone else that would handle them.

Server Name: You can leave this Blank

Thread Quantity: Specifies how many emails can be sent out at one given time. If you have a fast connection you probably can handle sending out a lot of emails fast but if you're on 56k you will have to reduce the amount of email sent out at the same time.

Once fields are completed, click OK. The next screen will appear:

This is the actual email message screen.

Subject: Your email's subject

Message: The main body of the message.

Reply to Address: Same as on the previous screen

Attachments: Attach any files if applicable.

Step 7. After you are finished click Start




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