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 DUALWIPE AND SCREW MACHINE insulators are made of black PBT  UL94V-0 and are available with dual  wipe or screw machine contacts.
 DUAL WIPE contacts are  economical high pressure dual wiping  contacts with wide entry areas for easy  lead insertion
 SCREW MACHINE contacts are precisionaly  formed with 4-finger clips and have a  high retention design to prevent IC  walkout during heavy vibration. The  PIN design absolutely prevents 100%  of solder wicking and flux entrapment

 They feature a low profile design that  conforms to EIA RS415 and MIL-S-83734  standards
 Available in multiple DIP spacings  including 300" and 600" in open  frame body designs.
 Eliminates the need to solder expensive  ICS or components directly to the PC board.  instead; will easily allow the repair  replacement or reprogramming of components
 Sockets are auto-insertion compatible  and have visual and mechanical polarization

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