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Off the Shelf & Custom:
Molded Cable Boots, Strain Relief Boots/ Cable Boots
Slip On Boots - Standard & Custom
Highly Customized Slip On Strain Reliefs and Boots
Molded On Boots
Strain Relief Fittings
Strain Relief Bushings
Plastic Strain Reliefs
Rubber Strain Reliefs
Plastic Cable Grommets
Rubber Cable Grommets

Specialty Cable / Wire Connectors - Molding Services

Custom Cable Assemblies & Cable Harnesses for Medical Devices and Equqpment, Lead Wires & Specialty, Standard and Custom Molded Cables











We provide a wide range of overmolding options from simple rip stops to complicated transition molds. These overmolds provide improved strain relief and mechanical structure for the wire terminations and cable flex life. Designed to provide maximum versatility in tool design, the modular design approach used by us allows for many optional configurations and interchangeable mold sections to provide the user a low cost molding system.

Our modular tooling design provides maximum flexibility in interchangeable sections, providing a lower cost approach to tooling.

Optional flexible strain relief's can be added as a separate lamination to this mold design at any time. See section "Strain Relief's" for the options.

Custom Cable Assemblies for Computer, Communications, Audio Video,  Medical, Instrumentation,  Industrial, etc.
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SolidWorks Tools -  Injection Molding for Custom Cable Assemblies

SolidWorks Tools - Injection Molding for Custom Cable Assemblies
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3D Configurator - Software Tool to Design Cable Strain Reliefs & Grommets
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