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Military Wire Harnesses

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We manufacture cable assemblies and wire harnesses in compliance with military cable assembly specifications. Our range of services gives you a single point of contact from design engineering and prototyping to full production manufacturing. Each cable unit undergoes constant in-process inspection and final testing for form, fit and function.

All military cable and harness assemblies are built to exact customer specifications. Engineering designs the processing plan for production. Quality assurance is in place to insure 100% final inspection and verify conformance.

When needed, functional printout data can be provided using test equipment interfaced with computer capabilities.

We produce a wide range of cable & harness products for our customer base that include:

  • Multiple Conductor Harness
  • Flat Cable Assemblies and Harnesses and
  • CoAx Assemblies and Harnesses
  • Special Braiding & Shielding
  • Switch-to-Wire Applications
  • Alarm / Surveillance and Security Wire Harnesses
  • Power Supply Harnesses
  • Assemblies and Harnesses
  • Electro-mechanical harnesses


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