Coax Cable Assemblies with Mini WECO Connectors

DSL/DSX and 75 ohm Coax Cables and Cable Harnesses

We manufacture coaxial cable assemblies, such as DSX Test Cables and regular WECO 358A Coaxial Cable Assemblies. Please browse and buy from our secure On-Line Store or request More Info and a Quick Quote for Quantity Orders. If you are a Federal Government Customer, please use our GSA Form. We offer competitive prices for quality cabling products, excellent technical assistance and service and an Extended Warranty.

SIMPLEX cables:

    Mini Weco to Mini Weco Coax Cables
    Mini Weco to BNC Cable Assembly
    Mini Weco to BNC Cable Assembly
    Weco to BNC Cable Assembly

Please see below some of our DSX Cable Assemblies:

    Mini Weco 440 to Mini Weco 440 735A Coax Cable
    Mini Weco 440 to BNC 75ohm  735A Coax Cable
    Weco 358A to  Weco 358A Test Cord 735A Coaxial Cable
    MINI Weco 440 to  Weco 358A Test Cord 735A Coaxial Cable

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Connector Plugs, Cable Adapters, Boots
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USB Flash
WECO Coax Cable Assemblies
Modular Adapters - RJ-45 Adapters

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Copper & Fiber Optics Wholesale, Specialty Optical Fiber - Our customers are End Users,Computer Stores, OEM's, Government Institutions, Military and Selected Retail Stores.
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