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Clearing out Old IE Browser Cache

This can be helpful when you see a page on the web that you know has been updated, but you still see the old version. IE sometimes has a bug and instead of showing you the current website. It will show you the last version of the last time you have visited that website. To fix this, we need to delete that OLD VERSION so that  IE has no choice other than to get a fresh version straight from the website.

Sometimes Clearing out cache can be as simple as click the Green button shown below. This is IE's refresh key, it tells the browser to get a fresh/lastest version of the current page you are viewing. This does not always work, if not please follow the directions below.


To start things off,

1 Click on Tools and then go all the way to the bottom to Internet Options , click on that.


2 You will then be show the Internet Options Menu. Go to the middle where it says Temporary Internet Files and click on Delete Files.




3 You will then asked to approve this action, before you click OK, check off Delete all offline content just to be sure, then click OK.


4. Now click on the Green button to REFRESH, hopfully now your old cache problem has been fixed.


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