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Employment Opportunities

Interested in employment at Major Custom Cable? Call 1-800-455-6224 for more information. You can download our application from this page, print it, and fill it out. Then you can mail your application to:

    MCC, Attn: Human Resources
    281 Lotus Dr,
    Jackson, MO 63755

Or drop it off at the same address between the hours of 7:30am and 5:00pm. Be sure to read about our great Benefits below.

MCC Job Application Form

Employment Quick Form


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Our People Principles. At MCC, we know that people are our most valuable resource. Our "People Principles" commit us to a supportive, inclusive work environment where employees can grow and contribute their diverse skills, energies, and perspectives.

Opportunity. MCC offers significant opportunities for career development through progressive movement within the company and programs developed to initiate employee success in new positions.

Major Custom Cable Employee Benefits. The following are highlights of MCC's employee benefits . Our benefits are designed to attract, energize, reward and retain talented people who will produce superior business results and enhance our leadership position.

Your Health and Protection – our health and insurance benefits

    Medical – MCC offers medical insurance for employees and their families, MCC pays a large portion of the employee's premium, while the employee pays for any additional family members. A PPO (Preferred Provider Plan) is offered which provides for network services. Employees receive the best insurance benefit when using a preferred provider. In addition, MCC's medical plan covers preventive care and testing, well baby care, and child immunizations and inoculations at no cost to the employee. Office visit co-pays are at a minimal cost to the employee and a comprehensive prescription program is included.

    Vision – Vision insurance is offered by the company and is paid for by the employee. The coverage includes a flat fee for exams, glasses or contacts. Coverage is available for all family members as well as domestic partners.

    Dental – Our dental plan allows employees to see the dentist of their choice. There are two levels of dental insurance available (Base - does not include orthodontia and Enriched – includes orthodontia). Preventive services are covered 100% on both plans. Basic and Major services are covered slightly different on each plan, but at no less than 60%.

    Supplemental Insurance – MCC offers supplemental insurance plans such as cancer, short -term disability, accident and whole life. Costs vary on the level of benefits purchased.

    Group Term Life – All employees (regardless of other insurance plan enrollment) receive a minimum of $25,000 in term life insurance at no charge. Some employees qualify for different levels of term life (at no charge) based on their job function. In addition, voluntary supplemental life is available as a low cost rider for spouse and children.

Your Pay and Rewards – our compensation, reward and recognition programs

    Base pay - Because employee base pay is the most significant portion of their compensation, MCC maintains the competitiveness of our base pay through an annual review of both external market data and internal peer data. Employee's base pay can change as a result of a change in their job responsibilities or adding knowledge to existing responsibilities (skill pay).

    Recognition Programs – Our recognition programs are designed to reward and recognize strong performers.

Investing in Your Future – our savings and investment programs

    401(k) Retirement Program – Our 401(k) program allows employees to contribute from 1% to 100% of their pay (up to the IRS maximum applicable). MCC matches 25% of the first 5% of the employee's contribution. Employees are always 100% vested in the contributions and 100% of the company's matching amounts after 5 years.

    Christmas Savings Club – Employees may elect to have money deducted from their paycheck and placed in a Christmas club account.

Helping Balance Your Work and Life – MCC believes it is important to strike a balance between the two and that's why we offer the programs below.

    Vacation & Holidays – MCC offers vacation to all full-time employees. Time off earned depends on length of service up to a maximum of 4 weeks! In addition, MCC offers nine (9) paid holidays to all employees full-time employees and for part-time employees receive 4 hours of holiday for all nine (9) holidays.

    Leave of Absence – Because employees may be faced with difficult situations that require them to take time from work, MCC provides leave of absence programs with specific policies regarding types of leaves such as family and medical leave, military leave, personal leave and bereavement leave.

    Personal Time Off – MCC provides up to 32 hours a year of personal time off for all full-time employees. This time off can be used for any reason.

    Flexing Work Hours – Some positions allow employees to flex their work week in order to meet personal demands.

    Educational Assistance – MCC considers further education essential to improving an employee's knowledge of their job. Typical further education involves training, seminars and certifications.


Experience the Industry Leader in Cable Assembly Manufacturing
Email or Call us Today: 1-800-455-6224

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