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Welcome to products-for-computers.com, your one source for copper and fiber optic cables & adapters for computers and networks, USB, SCSI, IDE, coaxial, audio, s-video, cat 5, ethernet, serial, KVM, LAN, ATA, fibre channel, T1/T3 lines, and more.

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Custom Coaxial Cables, Audio, S-Video, Round IDE Cables, Fiber Channel
Singlemode, Multimode Fiber Optic Cables, ST, SC, FDDI, MT-RJ, Plastic Fiber
SCSI, ATA, IDE, USB, Serial, Parallel, Null Modem Molded PC Cables
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Cleveland Wire & Electronics
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Gigabit Ethernet, Router Cables, T1, T3, Cat5, Cat 5e, Intranet Cables
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Please browse our product categories for your particular connectivity requirements. For additional help please E-Mail us at universal@connectworld.net.

66 Type Blocks, 110 Blocks, Telco, Hydra
APPLE / IBM / SUN / SGI Video Cables
Apple Local Talk, Firewire Cables
IBM PC AT, XT and Null Modem Cables
Bulk Cable, Fiber Optic & Copper Wire
Cable Infrastructure & Network Design
Cables and Adapters, RS232, V.35, RS530, RS449
Category 5 Products, cat5e, cat6 Patch Cords
Commodore, Amiga, Atari Cables & Adapters
Computer Parts, Interface Cards, PCBs
Connectors, D-Sub, BNC, SCSI, Keystone, Cat 5
Custom Cables, OEM Manufacturing, Prototyping
Data Communication Cables, Router, DSU/CSU
Electro-Mechanical Assemblies, Industrial, Auto
Embedded Circuitry Smart Cables & SMT/ML PCBs
Ethernet Cables, Gigabit, Cat5, Cat5e 100baseT
Fiber Optic Cables, Simplex, Duplex
Fiber Optics Tools & Tool Kits

Hubs, Adapters, Network Cards
IBM Cables, Token Ring, Coax, Twinax
IEEE488, Instrumentation Cables
International Telecom
LAN Cabling Installation Services, Copper, Fiber Optic
LAN Cabling Installation Services, Network Installations, Copper, Fiber Optic
IDE, SCSI, ATA Flat & Round Cables
Memory Upgrades for PCs, Servers, Printers
Microwave, Laser & Satellite Communications Systems
Cable Strain Relief's and Grommets

Military Cables, Connectors & Kits
Military, Industrial, Medical
Molded Standard & Custom Cables
Network Cards, PCI NIC, Wireless, USB
Network Equipment
Network Parts & Accessories
PC Boards, Lan Cards, PCMCIA NIC, 3COM
PC Cables, Video Monitor, Audio, CD-ROM
PC Desk Accessories
PCMCIA & Cellular Cables
PhoneNet, AppleTalk LAN, ADB Cables
Power Cords / Cables, US & International
Protocol Converters and Adapters
Racks, Cabinets, Patch Panels, Cable Routing
LAN, Office & Classroom Furniture, Computer Consoles & Audio/visual Systems
Router, DSU, Intranet Cables
Security Systems Closed Circuit TV, Microwave
Serial/Parallel/V.35 Cables
Sheet Metal Fabrication, Hardware Cases, Boxes
Smart Cables, Overmold PCBs
Specialty Cable Products
Surge Protectors, UPSs, Power Conditioners
Switch Boxes, Automatic, Manual
Telco, Octopus/Hydra Assemblies
Teleconferencing Equipment Cables
Telephone Systems, Wiring, Installation
Telephone, Fax, Modem Cables, Installations
Cabling Tools, Crimpers, Strippers, Testers
USB Products, Converters, Hubs, Cables
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