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Our diversified inventory contains thousands of quality computer and network connectivity products at very competitive prices.
Discounts and Wholesale Prices are available for Corporate Buyers, OEM's, Government Organizations, Military, Educational Institutions, Computer Stores, Selected Retail Stores, as well as End Users.
Our Custom Cable Manufacturing facilities are located in California, USA. Contact us for standard, custom and specialty fiber, coaxial, cat6, industrial cables, etc.
As a certified GSA Supplier we ship to APO's, Government and Military installations daily.

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PC Cables/Adapters

Apple Cables
Extension Cables
Keyboard Extension Cables
Monitor Extension Cables
SUN Cables
Super VGA Cables
Printer Cables
Type-1 Cables
USB Cables
Firewire Cables
Gender Changers
Keyboard/Mouse Adapters
Serial Adapters
Power Cables


SCSI Products

0. 8MM Ultra SCSI3 Cables
ATA66 / 133 Cables - 80C
LVD - SUPER Ultra 320 Cables
LVD Internal TWISTED PAIR Cables HP68 - HP68
LVD SCSI Internal and External Terminators
SCA 80 Adapters - Internal
SCA 80 Adapters - Internal
SCSI External Terminators
SCSI Internal Cables
SCSI Internal Cables IDC-50 to IDC-50
SCSI Internal Terminators
SCSI Internal to External / bracket Adapters
SCSI Switches
SCSI1, SCSI2, SCSI3 External Cables
SCSI3 Cables
SCSI3 Internal Adapters
SCSI3 Internal Cables HP68 - HP68
SCSI3, SCSI2 External Adapters
SCSI-III LVD Round Cable
VHDCI 68 (0.8mm) Cables
VHDCI 68 (0.8mm) External Adapters & Terminators
VHDCI 68 (0.8mm) Internal Adapters

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