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Preconfigured Equipment Cabinets
Preconfigured Cabinets, Solid Sided Frame
Preconfigured Cabinets, Open Frame
Preconfigured Cabinets, Seismic
Preconfigured Cabinets, Collocation
Preconfigured Cabinets, Wall Mount

Standard Cabinets
Standard Cabinets, Open Frame
Standard Cabinets, Solid Sided Frame
Wall Mount Cabinets
Accessories and Parts for LAN Equipment / Server Cabinets -
Side Panels - Front Doors - Rear Doors - Casters - Levelers - Fans - Power Strips - Shelves - Mounting Rails - Filler Panels - Cable Management

APW Enclosures, APW Racks
APW Quicksilver Enclosures
APW Pioneer Datacom Cabinets
APW Swing Out Wall Racks
APW Cable Management Racks
APW 2 Post Racks
Accessories for APW Cabinets and Racks - APW Power Strips - APW Quicksilver Shelves - APW Shelves

Small Office / Home Office (SOHO) Cabinets & Racks
Kendall Howard SOHO Racks
Kendal Howard Accessories for SOHO Racks
Preconfigured SOHO Racks
Portable SOHO Racks
Accessories for SOHO Cabinets and Racks - Cable Management - Casters - Filler Panels - Shelves - Support Brackets

Storage Cabinets
Mobile Storage Cabinets
Stationary Storage Cabinets
Accessories and Parts for General Storage Cabinets

Open Racks
Single and Double Open Racks

Cable Ladder Racks
Cable Ladder Rack, 6" Wide, Straight Section
Cable Ladder Rack, 12" Wide, Straight Section
Cable Ladder Rack, 18" Wide, Straight Section
Cable Ladder Rack, 24" Wide, Straight Section
Accessories and Parts for Cable Ladder Racks -
Cable Management - Cable Retaining Post - Ceiling Mounting Kit - Flat 90 Degree Radius - Foot Kit - Inside 90 Degree Radius - J-Bolt Kit - Ladder to Rack Mounting Kit - Outside 90 Degree Radius - Protective End Cap Kit - Splice Kit - Threaded Rod - Wall Support Bracket - Brackets, Girder

LAN Stations and Work Benches
Kendall Howard Performance One LAN Stations: 24" LAN Station, 48" LAN Station, 72" LAN Station, 96" LAN Station, and Corner LAN Station Configurations
Kendall Howard Accessories for Performance One LAN Stations: Shelves, Drawers, LCD Monitor Mounts, Server Carts, Hardware, Keyboard Trays, Casters, Accessory Bars

Work Benches / Work Tables
Workbenches / Work Tables with Steel Top
Workbenches / Work Tables with Plastic Top
Workbenches / Work Tables with Maple Wood Top
Accessories and Parts for Workbenches -
Adjustable Legs - Casters - Riser Shelves - Power Strips - Drawers

Tech Benches
Tech Benches
Accessories for Tech Benches -
Drawers - Casters - Power Strips

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