Free Consultation: We offer a diversified product line designed to satisfy the specific needs of Data Center managers. You will find a good part of our products in the Online STORE. However, we offer much, much more.... Many of the products are quite complex and selecting and configuring the right product for your requirements and budget is a challenge to say the least. That's why we place particular emphasis on the engineering and technical support we make available to you. Thus, we invite you to E-mail or call us Toll Free: 1-877-429-7225 with any questions. You will receive prompt and expert personal attention.

Ordering Cabinets and LAN Furniture Online: To make ordering as simple as possible, we offer a significant number of complete cabinets in "prepackaged" configurations. Second, our on-line system allows you to configure any product from the bottom up. Each cabinet or piece of LAN furniture is first shown in a basic, bare-bones form. By following the "Learn More" link you will be able to click on an "Options" link showing all parts and accessories, relevant to that main product. Descriptions, pictures and prices are provided for each, so when building your desired configuration you are in full control. We would like to assist you with he many options, dimensions, colors and work area requirements. We invite you to E-mail or call us Toll Free: 1-877-429-7225 if you have any question.

Secure Purchases: When making a purchase from Data Center Depot, all information you are providing, credit card number, purchase order, name, address, phone number will be handled through our Secure Server for your complete privacy.

Shopping Sessions: The Shopping Cart System allows you the flexibility to interrupt a shopping session and then return to it any time during the next 24 hours to continue shopping and to check out.

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