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Product Specification
Part Number: ADP6070

Category: Switches - Electronic Keyboard Video Mouse

Description: "Have two users sharing the same computer at the same time with PC Duplicator, Only works with Windows™ 98 or Windows™ ME"

The new PC Duplicator system creates two, three, or four workstations out of a single computer.

Sometimes one computer just isnít enough. With the PC Duplicator, you donít have to spend thousands of dollars on a second PC. The PC Duplicator lets you connect a second keyboard, mouse and monitor to your existing computer to create a second, fully functional PC.

Share drives, printers, scanners, software, and even surf the Internet at the same time using only one modem, one telephone line and one Internet Service Provider account. Start taking full advantage of your computerís power! The PC Duplicator is a combination of a high-performance PCI SVGA card and special multi-user software utilizing Direct Video Drive technology. It enables up to four additional users to share the computing power and resources of a single computer running Windows™ 98. The PC Duplicator is perfect for the home and small office. Simply install the PC Duplicator into your computer and connect an additional monitor, keyboard and mouse. Windows™ will recognize all the devices automatically. Now you can do your work while the kids play their games!

  • Simple Plug 'N' Play Installation.
  • Turn your existing computer into two workstations!
  • Instantly double your productivity.
  • Simultaneous Internet connection with a single phone line and modem.
  • Dual access to all drives, scanners, printers, and other peripherals.
  • Concurrent use of word processors, spreadsheets, databases, graphics applications and more.
  • Use with ADP5247 to place either user up to 500 feet away, the ADP5247 is sold separately.
  • Includes high-performance PCI SVGA graphics card, max. resolution:
    64K Colors:1280x1024
    16 Million Colors:1024x768
  • Inexpensive and reliable.
  • Internal communication and messaging system.
  • Easily add a third or fourth user by buying an additional PC Duplicator package (requires additional PCI slots).
  • Pentium 100 or equivalent or better with Windows™ 98 or ME (This item only works with Windows™ 98 or ME, doesn't work with other versions).
  • Minimum 32 MB RAM plus minimum 16 per additional user
  • One available PCI slot for each workstation
  • One USB port for second keyboard/mouse (or use ADP3151 to add USB to your PC).
  • Second Monitor: VGA or SVGA.
  • Second USB keyboard & mouse (or PS/2 keyboard & mouse plus the ADP3143.
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Price: $70.22

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