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Product Specification
Part Number: ADP6013

Category: Accessories Cards

Description: High Speed Lava PCI Two Port EPP Parallel Card

With ADP6013 you can accelerate access to your external storage device (e.g. Zip Drive) and a printer or scanner up to 3 times!
This enhanced (EPP) dual parallel port resides on a faster PCI bus and ensures connectivity at SCSI speeds. The ADP6013 offers great flexibility: its 2-port structure allows you to connect two parallel port peripherals to one card, using only one system IRQ or sharing it with another existing PCI device. The ADP6013 provides an excellent solution to a system short on IRQs and ISA slots. The card is also very easy to install - just plug in and go! At an affordable price, the ADP6013 is a real technology breakthrough.

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General Specifications: ADP6013
  • PCI bus dual 25-pin enhanced (EPP) parallel port - adds two accelerated LPT Ports to any PCI-equipped PC.
  • Both ports use Lava's PCI Bus Enhanced Parallel Port technology - up to 3 times faster than standard ISA and motherboard EPP parallel ports.
  • Easy Plug & Play installation - automatically configures I/O addresses & IRQs.
  • Both ports share one available PCI IRQ - saves valuable resources for other expansion cards.
  • Configurable for standard ISA parallel port addresses (0278 and 0378) for compatibility with legacy peripherals (e.g. Zip Drives).
  • 100% compatible with any parallel port device - including laser and color printers, external drives, parallel port scanners, and video-conferencing cameras.
  • Fully compliant with PCI Specification 2.1.
  • Lava Lifetime Warranty.
Technical Specifications: ADP6013
  • Overall length: 126 mm
  • Depth at back: 63 mm (towards rear of computer). Unseated depth: 71 mm
  • Depth at front: 39 mm (towards interior of computer) Unseated depth: 48 mm
  • Mass: 50 g
  • Software selectable to any PCI I/O address and ISA addresses 0378 or 0278 (hex)
  • Signal degradation: 1284 spec (IEEE)
  • Operation temperatures: 0-70C
  • Maximum humidity: 90% at STP
  • Input impedance: 1284 spec (IEEE)
  • Infant Mortality: 0.137% (average for all Lava products)
  • FCC compliant, CE marked
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Price: $64.07

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