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Product Specification
Part Number: ADP6012

Category: Accessories Cards

Description: High Speed Lava PCI Single Port EPP Parallel Card

The ADP6012 is the industry's first affordable PCI bus parallel port, capable of data throughput rates up to 3 times faster than standard ISA or motherboard parallel ports. Ideal as an interface to external storage devices (e.g. Zip Drives), printers, and parallel port scanners, the ADP6012 is a speedy low-cost addition to any PCI-based PC. Easy to install - just plug it in and it configures itself!

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General Specifications: ADP6012
  • PCI Bus Single 25-pin Enhanced (EPP) Parallel Port
  • Easy jumperless Plug-n-Play installation - automatically configures itself for a free PCI I/O address and IRQ
  • Software configurable for standard ISA LPT addresses (0278h and 0378h) for backward compatibility with legacy parallel port peripherals (e.g. Zip Drives)
  • Up to 3 times faster data throughput than comparable ISA bus or motherboard parallel port
  • Fully supports Enhanced Parallel Port (EPP) standard
  • Lava PCI interface chip - fully compliant with PCI spec. 2.1 (PCI SIG registered vendor ID number 1407h)
  • Fully backward compatible with standard 4-bit and 8-bit (bi-directional) parallel ports
  • Lava Lifetime Warranty
Technical Specifications: ADP6012
  • Overall length: 120 mm
  • Depth at back: 64 mm (towards rear of computer). Unseated depth: 72 mm
  • Depth at front: 32 mm (towards interior of computer) Unseated depth: 40 mm
  • Mass: 45 g
  • Software selectable to any PCI I/O address and ISA addresses 0378 or 0278 (hex)
  • Signal degradation: 1284 spec (IEEE)
  • Operation temperatures: 0-70C
  • Maximum humidity: 90% at STP
  • Input impedance: 1284 spec (IEEE)
  • Infant Mortality: 0.137% (average for all Lava products)
  • FCC compliant, CE marked
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