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Product Specification
Part Number: ADP52130

Category: Video Extenders Boosters & Splitters Extenders

Description: Component over Cat 5 Tx/Rx Hub

  • Active amplification ensures high quality transmission
  • Loop output for use of additional CAT5 transmitters
  • Six CAT5 outputs for additional location
  • Discrete passive IR channel for the use of external IR remote control systems
  • Balanced and unbalanced inputs for maximum versatility
This component video transmitter sends component video over dual Cat 5 cables (shielding not necessary, any Cat 5 patch cable will work). The transmitter has the ability to transmit to up to six receivers. Maximum distance using Cat 5 is 300 feet, Cat 6 can be used to get lengths up to 500 feet. The "Loop Output" can then be connected to either a local video display or HDTV or to another transmitter (either another ADP52130 or an ADP52131). Also has input RJ45s to be "uplinked" to another ADP52130 transmitter.

Receivers are ADP52132
We also have a smaller transmitter that can transmit to 2 receivers, see our ADP52131
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Price: $227.50

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