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Product Specification
Part Number: ADP5212

Category: Video Extenders Boosters & Splitters Extenders

Description: DVI Extender 100 feet over one Cat 5 Cable

This DVI Video Extender System amplifies and extends video up to 100ft (30m) away from your HDTV or PC monitor via a single solid CAT 5e/6 cable, and it is audio enabled for stereo speaker connection.

NOTE: Can extend the DVI video and audio up to 300ft by cascading 3 levels.

It accomplishes this by means of a local transmitting unit (GVE600L), and remote receiving unit (GVE600R), connected by a solid Category 5e or Category 6 Ethernet cable.

The DVI Video/Audio Extender System allows you to remove valuable system equipment from high traffic areas and store it in a secure location. Hence, it is ideal for:
  • Broadcasting and digital signage applications
  • Classrooms, exhibits, trade shows, monitor testing, demonstrations and multi-media presentations
  • Broadcasting video information such as news headlines, stock prices, airline flights and train schedules
  • Universities with multiple campuses, a single teacher to teach class to students in two or more locations at the same time
  • Factory and construction sites or any installation where the display needs to reside in a harsh setting, but you want the system equipment kept in an environmentally friendly location
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Price: $378.20

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