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Product Specification
Part Number: ADP5111

Category: Video Converters

Description: Wireless Composite Video & Audio Transmitter & Receiver

Have you dreamed of seeing movies or other programs at your other room without moving your video source from the living room? The ADP5111 is a 2.4GHz 4 Channel CCTV Wireless AV Receiver and 1000mW Transmitter 2.4G-1W. The transmitting distance of this transmitter can reach 100M (328 ft). Its small size makes it easy to install and carry around. The transmission is FM mode which reduces interference.

  • Transmitter frequencies: 2.411 GHz, 2.431 GHz, 2.451 GHz and 2.471 GHz (channels selected by switch).
  • A/V Modulation: FM
  • RF Power: 1 Watt.
  • Handles Video and Stereo Audio.
  • Power: Transmitter - 9 VDC 350 mA, Receiver - 9 VDC 180 mA (Power adapter included).
  • Operating temperature: 14F to 122F
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Price: $107.36

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