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Product Specification
Part Number: ADP5104

Category: Video Converters

Description: VGA to Component (HDTV) Converter with 480p/720p/1080i output resolutions

Converts VGA to High Definition TV
This product works exclusively with HDTV's only.
The ADP5104 to HDTV is a desktop VGA to component (Y.Pb.Pr) converter recommended for users wishing to maximize the performance of their HDTV.
  • Vertical/Horizontal Position and Size Adjustments
  • Selectable HDTV output
  • No software required for conversion
  • VGA IN and VGA OUT for simultaneous HDTV/CRT viewing
COMPATIBLE RESOLUTIONS 480p 576p 720p 1080i
640x480@60Hz YES YES YES YES
800x600@60Hz YES YES YES YES
1024x768@60Hz NO YES YES YES
1280x1024@60Hz NO NO YES NO

The Hi-Wire offers the truest conversion available between a PC and an HDTV. The clarity of the HDTV display is directly related to how close the VGA out is in dimensions and pixels to the HDTV format. For instance, 640x480 is EXACTLY the same as 480p, so the HDTV display will be that of a true monitor in clarity. 1024x768 is closest to 720p and will look best on that HDTV resolution.


Computer with VGA Output
High-definition Television (or other video display device) with Y.Pb.Pr input (Component Video) supporting at least 480p.


  • Hi-Wire VGA to Component Video Converter
  • User's Manual
  • VGA pass-through cable
  • D4 to Component (Y.Pb.Pr) w/RCA connectors. You will need a component cable as one is not supplied with this unit
  • Power adapter
RCA jacks are female and require you to connect your own component cable between the Converter and the HDTV.
This unit includes a US power supply
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Price: $265.63

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