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Part Number: LSD81-130

Description: Creep-Zit Green Wire Running Kit 30 feet

Category: Labor Saving Device Tools Installation

Price: $87.87

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The tool that makes a fish tape obsolete., this kit offers the essential components needed for a wide range of installation applications. The fiberglass rods are .159" in diameter (almost 3/16").

  • Four FiberFuse™ 6 ft. push/pull rods with male and female threaded ends..
  • One FiberFuse™ 6 ft, push/pull rod with a fixed bull nose end and a female threaded end.
  • Whisk Tip that threads onto a rod (whisk end guides the rod to keep from getting stuck on obstacles and to provide a "wheel" to "creep" from side to side).
  • Ball Chain Lanyard (12" length) made to clip on bull nose.
  • All parts are packaged in a clear square plastic tube.
Click Here for replacement end pieces.
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