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Part Number: CAB050-PH-SH

Description: 24 Gauge 25 Pair Solid Shielded Cable Priced by the Foot

Category: Wire and Cable STP Shielded Twisted Pair Cat 1

Price: $1.34

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Shielded twisted pair cable is used on LAN connections where the user wishes to shield out excessive electronic noises (power machines or some lights).
ImpedanceCapacitanceConductor size
100 ohms22 pf/ft24 AWG (solid)
The connectors typically used on this wire are CN50MS-TEL and/or CN50FS-TEL.
This wire has a PVC jacket rated to 80 Celsius, see CAB050-PH-PL-SH for a Plenum equivalent.
Pair 1Blue/WhiteWhite/Blue
Pair 2Orange/WhiteWhite/Orange
Pair 3Green/WhiteWhite/Green
Pair 4Brown/WhiteWhite/Brown
Pair 5Gray/WhiteWhite/Gray
Pair 6Blue/RedRed/Blue
Pair 7Orange/RedRed/Orange
Pair 8Green/RedRed/Green
Pair 9Brown/RedRed/Brown
Pair 10Gray/RedRed/Gray
Pair 11Blue/BlackBlack/Blue
Pair 12Orange/BlackBlack/Orange
Pair 13Green/BlackBlack/Green
Pair 14Brown/BlackBlack/Brown
Pair 15Gray/BlackBlack/Gray
Pair 16Blue/YellowYellow/Blue
Pair 17Orange/YellowYellow/Orange
Pair 18Green/YellowYellow/Green
Pair 19Brown/YellowYellow/Brown
Pair 20Gray/YellowYellow/Gray
Pair 21Blue/PurplePurple/Blue
Pair 22Orange/PurplePurple/Orange
Pair 23Green/PurplePurple/Green
Pair 24Brown/PurplePurple/Brown
Pair 25Gray/PurplePurple/Gray

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