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Part Number: CAB012-PL

Description: 24 Gauge 12 Conductor Shielded Plenum Cable Priced by the Foot

Category: Wire and Cable Multiconductor Shielded Plenum

Price: $2.70

Full Size Picture

CapacitanceConductor size
13 pf/ft24 AWG (7x32)
This general purpose cable works for serial (RS232) and some short distance parallel signals.
This wire has a Plenum jacket, see CAB012 for a PVC equivalent, or CAB012-LC for a Low Capacitance equivalent (for longer distance runs).
Pair 1Black/WhiteWhite/Black
Pair 2Brown/WhiteWhite/Brown
Pair 3Dark BrownYellow
Pair 4Light BrownBlue
Pair 5RedPurple
Pair 6OrangeGreen

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