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Part Number: CAB-TRUNK

Description: Thick 50 ohm Ethernet™ Trunk Cable Priced by the Foot

Category: Wire and Cable Network Cable Coax

Price: $2.56

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This wire is made specifically for the Thick Ethernet™ network.
Cable needs to be cut in a multiple of 8.25 feet (2.5 meters). For example, 8.25 feet, 16.5 feet, 24.75 feet etc.
Maximum length of Thick Ethernet™ (total end to end trunk length) is 1639 ft (500 meters).
ImpedanceCapacitanceConductor size
50 ohms26 pf/ft12 AWG (solid)
The connectors typically used on this wire are NM and/or NF.
This wire has a PVC jacket rated to 80 Celsius, see CAB-TRUNK-PL for a Plenum equivalent.

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